Girls basketball success doesn’t rely on luck

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It is an inarguable fact that when it comes to boys and girls, the boys have more of a fan base and overall game turn out. This year, however, it is unfair for the girls basketball team.

With any amazing winning streak, girls basketball has been moving their way in and out of games with ease, unlike the boys with scattered loses here and there. Where the boys won Tuesday, January 16, they had a close defeat Friday, January 12.

Practices are held everyday of the week except for on Sundays. For players on the team it makes the difference of having to practice everyday, because this year is some of their last chances.

What makes this year different than any other? This year there is a new coach named Devin Olenick. Taylee Allen, a senior on the team states, “We are doing great this year we are 5-0 heading into our season, so far having a new coach has been great with all the laughs and joking around aside, he is very smart and knows what our team can do.”

These senior girls have been working to get to championship since their freshman year. “The seniors have always wanted that state championship not only to prove to ourselves that we could do it but to prove to everyone that Hillcrest girls basketball is a team to keep your eye on. We are doing great so far and I can’t wait to do even better with the next few weeks coming up!” Allen states.

The boys basketball team has had a couple wins, their recent game being Tuesday, January 16 and they won 62-44. Meanwhile on the girls game there was an outstanding win of 67-34 against Granger.

The long streak of winning goes to show that no matter boys or girls, all the sports should be getting recognition and have people coming to their games.

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