Can drill win state again?


The Hillcrest Drill team performed Saturday, January 12 at the Corner Canyon Invitational. This is their third invitational of the year, they performed five dances which included  their Pom routine, their Lyrical, Military, Dance, and their Character.

The huskies first routine was performed at 7:30 in the morning. They’ve been working on this routine since May. This was the first routine that they learned. Next routine they performed was Lyrical. It was at 8:15 a.m. They started learning this dance since August.

After four hours, they performed their Military routine. It started at 12:30 in the afternoon. During this four hour break our schools performed in different categories which were Hip Hop and Officers . They’ve been working on this routine since July. Last year in the state competition the drill team placed second.

“My favorite routine is Military, because the team really works hard in the routine and you can really feel the unity on the floor while we’re dancing!” said by junior captain Lizzie Moss.

At three in the afternoon they performed their Dance routine, which they’ve been working on since July as well. In past years the huskies dance routine has won 1st place in the state competition. Last year in their state competition it was the only thing that they got 1st place in.

“My favorite routine would have to be our dance routine, because I get to perform the way that’s my favorite and as a team we can feel each others passion,” said by senior captain Annie Bunker.

Their final routine which was character was at 6 pm. For their character routine they are dressed up as dolls. Last year they had to perform a character routine they were dressed up as money leprechauns.

After all the routines the were performed they had a drill down. First 2A, 3A, 4A did their drill. Next 5A, and 6A performed. One of our huskies finished top 3 in the 6A , which was Annie Bunker.

“It was super nerve-racking! My legs were shaking and after I knew I got that far I really didn’t wanna mess up! But it felt good once I was done knowing I focused that whole time and got that far!” said Bunker.

After the drill down awards were given out. First came POM, Hillcrest got 1st place. Next came Lyrical, yet again Hillcrest got 1st. Hip Hop and Captains routine awards were next, but we didn’t perform. The biggest award of the night was Military and Hillcrest got 1st place over a really good Bingham drill team. Dance came next and the huskies got 2nd place, while first place went to Bingham High School. The final award for the night was the Character routine award and the Hillcrest got 3rd place, 2nd place went to Pleasant Grove High School, 1st went to Bingham.  

Their next competition will be Saturday, January 20. This competition will be a region meet at Kearns High school. The competition will start at 10:00, and they’ll be performing Military, Dance, and Character.

“We’ve had some crazy ties and crazy practices but we have learned the most from that and have all really come together and are all pumped for region and especially state!” said by Bunker.