Racehorse- a poem about depression

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You were running a race-

tired and confused but sprinting toward what you thought was a better end.

Like a racehorse speeding to a finish line

Like a racehorse you wore blinders-

Looking back now-

I think you had been wearing them the whole time. In depth talks never went far for you

We never talked about life after school

You see, blinders on a racehorse prevent distractions for the horse. They are completely blind on their sides. Completely blind on the rear. Completely blind to the crowd cheering them on.

Completely blind to my cheering you on

Depression stood as a top competitor, spotting you, a lonely horse in the stables

He took you and bit by bit I watched you morph into a racehorse;

Eager to please your new master

If I knew what I know now, I would yank off your blinders

So many people cheer you on

So many people cheered you on

So many people cheer me on

And unlike you, I refuse to be tamed into this race


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