Obituary gone wrong?

Obituary gone wrong?

On January 2, 2018 Thomas S. Monson, the 16th Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints passed away. He passed away surrounded by family, ready to be reunited with his wonderful wife Frances.

Many articles and obituaries were written, people were saddened by the loss, and others had no care in the world.

The New York Times only focused on the negative things in saying, “Thomas S. Monson, who as president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since 2008 enlarged the ranks of female missionaries, but rebuffed demands to ordain women as priests and refused to alter church opposition to same-sex marriage, died on Tuesday at his home in Salt Lake City. He was 90.”

What they don’t know and didn’t point out is all the good he did. Thomas S. Monson changed the age for missionaries. Full time missionaries can now serve at the age of 18 and 19 for women. This increased the amount of missionaries serving.

In an interview with David F. Evans, Executive Director in the Missionary Department, states that since Thomas S. Monson made the missionary age change the numbers have risen significantly. Before the announcement there were about 58,000 missionaries serving. Since the announcement the numbers have risen to about 85,000 missionaries. Not only are more people serving but more people are learning and coming unto this gospel every single day.

This gospel brings joy and hope to people. It is the missionaries job to find potential investigators and work to bring people unto the gospel.

The New York Times obituary should have worked harder to point out the good. They are so concerned with the worldly things that they couldn’t get passed same-sex marriage and women not being able to have the priesthood.

Thomas S. Monson was receiving revelation and the things he shared were not his decisions. The decisions are made for the wellbeing of everyone in the long run. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believes that marriage should only be made between a man and a woman. To make it to the highest kingdom of glory you must make the covenant of marriage with someone of the opposite sex in the house of the Lord.

Many people had things to say and were not afraid to state their opinion. When the obituary was posted you could find it on any social media site. People were explaining why they agree and disagree. Twitter users made the article go viral.

There is a petition to have The New York Times obituary for Thomas S. Monson rewritten. Fox 13 and KUTV have both spoken of this petition. 189, 602 people have signed the petition.

Thomas S. Monson did his absolute best to please everyone. His smile was contagious and his laugh is something we will miss. His service and love for everyone will always be remembered.