Attend SLCC


Leaving High school has its ups and downs like the football team you joined was really fun, or LIA was a blast and, definitely the basketball games. But we have to plan on what we want for our future whether its a 2 year colleges to 4 year, its important to what college you want to go to. According to their website SLCC has 61,150+ students serve each year. On average their class size is 20 as a normal High school classroom , the best thing is that you can work part time and still`be a college student 70% of SLCC’s Students work while attending school.

There are seven different campus locations around Utah, if you live in Taylorsville there one located at: 4600 So. Redwood Rd, SLC, UT 84123

This college several different degrees and certificates this is the catalog: navoid=762

You can view more information about SLCC here at: