HHS finest

What can I say Hillcrest high school has the finest of finest. Just like any school Hillcrest finest are known for how beautiful and handsome they are. These guys have been chosen not because of their looks but because of how athletic they are, and how caring they are as people and students at Hillcrest high school.


Ammon Julia, senior is 6’4, “He’s not only good looking but he has a kind heart and can always put a smile on my face,” stated Rosita Martinez

Ezra Moleni,senior at HHS, who played football for hillcrest for the past high schools years is known for As Aiden quotes,“He’s light skinned, he plays football,” What can I say light skins are fine.

Jordan Dunn senior at HHS, a football player, basketball player how athletic can you be. He’s super funny and it’s never a dull moment. Where is Jordan is is where laughter is.

Alex Cardona senior at HHS, football player, wrestler, and an awesome track star (what a dad), but what an incredible triathlete who has a big heart with an amazing soul. With the high of 5’11 and could dunk ladies i think you just found your future mans.