How NOT to get the gal (or guy)

Madilyn Wallace, Reporter

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Valentine’s Day is the day of chocolate and flowers. At least, that’s what tradition dictates.

However, on this day, there are those that cry their little hearts out because they are lonely. Even for some teenagers, this may be the scene.

While those of us that are at least 16-years-old want to have a little romance brewing in high school, there are right and wrong ways to try to impress that one you dream about at night. In order to get the gal (or guy), here are some things NOT to do.

Forgetting the name of your crush when you are talking to them shows just how much they matter in your life.

Taking your date to a dirt-cheap place may not be impressive, nor taking them to an expensive location when it breaks your bank and his/hers.

Writing cards can be creative, unless you use the same paper you use for note-taking or assignments in your classes.

Expired treats do not boost your crush up whatsoever.

There’s only so many times when one can excuse themselves. Don’t worry: all teenagers are awkward with dating.

Of course there’s a reason for why little siblings are never with their teenage brother/sister, and there’s an even bigger explanation for not bringing your little sibling on your first date.

Nothing’s more romantic than getting arrested in front of your boyfriend/girlfriend for anything.

Combing your hair, taking a shower, all those things are overrated for your first date.

If you never say that you love someone, how will they ever know what they are missing?

Lastly, spamming your crush with texts, Snapchats, etc. will certainly drive them to you.


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