Peer leadership team

Peer leadership team

The Peer Leadership Team (PLT) here at Hillcrest is a class full of seniors who are committed to keeping students bully free and drug free. To be in PLT, incoming seniors must do an interview in front of the former PLT. There are also few other requirements for being part of PLT.

In order to be part of PLT, you must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, be a current junior, an eighth period that’s open to change, and of course you must be drug, alcohol, and violence free while you are on the team. However, if you did do any of these things, but have since changed your lifestyle, you are still welcome to audition for PLT and share your experience.

¨PLT is probably the best group you could be a part of. It has taught me to see the needs of others and try to help the best I can. I recommend all seniors to join PLT because of how immensely service can impact your life,” said current PLT president, Cara Snowder.

¨Working with all the kids has made me feel like a child and grown up at the same time, in the best possible ways,¨ said Ridgecrest location leader Vivek Vankayalapati. 

The biggest things that members of PLT do include going to elementary schools in the Hillcrest area and giving presentations to fifth grade classes on how to say no to and prevent the use of drugs alcohol and bullying. Along with these presentations, PLT goes to special education schools, retirement homes, and do service projects on the side.

The Peer Leadership Team is very influential on the members as well as the students they surround. The Peer Leadership Team is currently taking applications for the 2018-2019 year. The applications are due February 2 and interviews will be held throughout February and March just in time for arena scheduling.