Suited up for job shadow day

Suited up for job shadow day

Some seniors suited up for a special kind of day.  On January 31, seniors who signed up for a job shadow experience drove themselves to and from the companies they shadowed for the day.

According to the application, students had the opportunity to do job shadowing from one of ten different options, from Accounting to Human Resources to Technology and Engineering.

“Job shadows for students can look different depending on the company. Some companies may provide company tours, hands on experiences or observations, and education/experience/training discussions,” said Ms. Burbank, Hillcrest’s work based learning facilitator. 

There are benefits for students who partake in a job shadow or workforce connections in general.

Ms. Burbank emphasized, “Research shows that high school students who make workforce connections are more likely to graduate and continue post-secondary training and education. The student will also discover career opportunities, gain real-world experience, develop important workforce connections, have a career-oriented focus for post-secondary education, and engage in high school work-related classes.”

Job shadows are popular amongst Hillcrest students so jumping the bandwagon early can help secure a spot for a student.

“We generally run out of space two to three weeks before the job shadow day. However, this year, another company (she suggested it was eBay) had a couple of spaces for Hillcrest students so there was a little bit more room for students to job shadow,” said Pat Wetzel, Hillcrest’s work based learning facilitator. 

Generally speaking, the job shadow took place between 8:00-11:00 a.m.

Following the job shadow with companies like Make-a-Wish Utah, Med One, Jordan Commons, and Cyprus Credit Union, there was a luncheon and a motivational speaker at Gardner Village in the Gathering Place. It will be be $20 each for the student and the employee they have done the job shadow with.

Students wishing to job shadow had to provide their own transportation, dress professionally, attend a short orientation, and turn in all required paperwork (including the application form) by January 28.

Next year, the job shadow day will take place either near the end of January 2019 or the beginning of February 2019. Although space will probably be limited, current juniors should consider applying when the window opens next year as it will be a good experience for them.