The highs and lows of Dairy Queen

The highs and lows of Dairy Queen

Some restaurants have a variety of food items, but the food in question can vary in quality.

The same can be said about Dairy Queen, with one of the many locations in Utah being at 9327 South 1300 East, Sandy, Utah.

This location looked rather clean inside with colors that blend well together though the booths may be a bit too hard for bigger customers to get into.

Although the wait for the food isn’t bad, the quality of non-desserts could be better. For instance, the Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich didn’t have that fresh or green of lettuce once it was served. Also, the proportions could be better as well. The Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich and the Kansas City BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich are both the same price and size, even though the BBQ sandwich is labeled as an artisan-style sandwich. Regardless of the comparisons, both sandwiches were $5.49. Is that not more expensive for a sandwich than other options like Burger King, Wendy’s, or other fast food places?

The taste of the food wasn’t bland, but other fast food companies have tastier food by comparison. For instance, it would have been good for the Kansas City BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich to have more barbecue or for the Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich to have higher quality chicken.

There are some positives about the food and their desserts, though. Other than the lettuce problem, presentation of the food wasn’t horrid. For one, variety is key for Dairy Queen. Even if their sandwiches and chicken are just average, customers at least know they have plenty of options to choose from.

As for desserts, they are better in quality compared to the other items. Also, they seem to be more reasonably priced and sized, given there are usually four different sizes for treats like Salted Caramel Truffle (which seemed to be the favorite) and Chocolate Xtreme.

Overall, this place may not be best option for a full meal; going out for a little dessert would be a better use of Dairy Queen. I would rate Dairy Queen at three out of five paws.