Ways to destress when the third quarter hits hard

Ways to destress when the third quarter hits hard

Every high school student can agree that once third quarter hits, everything falls apart. You just made it halfway through the year and you start to get out of school mode, but nope, third quarter is still there, one more before that final quarter when the year starts to end.

Though everything starts to feel impossible during this quarter. Don’t worry, here are some ways to help you push through and forget about your homework.

  1. Listen to a Chill Playlist

A calming playlist can be one of the best ways to chill out. Whether that be trap music, indie, or pop, whatever your taste, it can make you forget about all the homework you are avoiding. If you are looking for a playlist, check out the song suggestions on the Kibble and Bits page.

  1. Binge Watch FRIENDS on Netflix

We all love to watch some good, stupid comedy that we can relate to. So, if you’re looking to forget about your AP Psych homework, check out the show FRIENDS on Netflix, even if you’ve already seen it, watch that ish again, after all, there are 10 seasons for you to watch.

  1. Go to Fiiz or Sunset

There is almost nothing more relaxing than drinking some tea or soda (preferable while watching FRIENDS), so if you’re really desperate and looking to have a little bit of an expensive relaxation day, head over to Fiiz or Sunset and get your favorite drink.

  1. Go to a Basketball Game

Everyone at Hillcrest loves our basketball boys (and girls), so there’s no better way to show your school spirit than going and supporting them. A bonus to going to a game is that you can ask the students there for the answers to the homework you’re avoiding.

  1. Give Up and Call your Friends

The last way to relax is to hit up your best friends and ask them to help you with your homework. If you can’t motivate yourself to do it, hopefully your friends can because in the end, two heads are better than one.