South Carolina train wreck

South Carolina train wreck

A Amtrak train was changed in direction to crash into a uncontrolled freight train in south carolina. It killed 2 of the conductors and injured around 116 people” as federal officials said. The train was number 91 and was traveling south early on sunday it was heading toward the tracks, but the rail switch was changed manually set to divert onto the track where the CSX train was parked.There was a video online from cnn that was recovered.

“The Amtrak passenger train was diverted to a side track and crashed into a no conductorless train in South Carolina” CNN mentioned.

The investigators were hired to see what happened at 2:35 a.m. They have thoughts on whether the train braked or if it was exceeding the 59 MPH speed limit. The Lexington County Spokesman Harrison Cahill said “116 people were injured and transported to hospitals, with injuries ranging from scratches to broken bones”.

Sunwalt said “ The crash could have been avoided if the positive train control– a system that combines GPS, wireless radio and computers to monitor trains and stop them from colliding, derailing or speeding– had been in place”

Amtrak train 91 had about 5,000 gallons of fuel, it was all spilled but they mentioned it wasn’t a threat to the public. Donald trump also wrote on twitter and said this “ My thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims involved in this morning’s collisions in South Carolina. Thank you to the incredible First Responders for the work they’ve done!”