Cheering for Huskies in Anaheim


Hillcrest High School’s Cheer Team has moved up in the ranks to Nationals. To get this far, the cheer team had to earn an overall score of 75 points at the qualifying competition.

Song Captain Jessica Ulrich said, “We all qualified to go to Nationals, although, going to Nationals is a choice.”

  Nonetheless, she made it clear many cheerleaders from Hillcrest would be in Anaheim, stating, “Almost everyone on our team has chosen to go to Nationals this weekend!”

After signing and having forms notarized, along with paying a fee to the USA Staff since they have put together the event, cheerleaders were eligible to go to Anaheim.

This year, the Huskies will be competing at Anaheim, California for USA Spirit Nationals. The competition will take place on February 23 and 24, but there is no competition on February 25.

 The Hillcrest Cheer Team left before school on February 22 by plane and returned from Anaheim on Monday, February 26 at 6:30 p.m.

Saturday, February 24 was be a busy day for the cheerleaders, with those like Ulrich having to be up early in the morning, only to be in uniform at 6:45 a.m. and ready to go. Later in the day were more competitions and, hopefully for Hillcrest, cheer finals.

According to the official website for this year’s USA Spirit Nationals, the preliminary competitions go from Friday to Saturday morning. Unlike previous years, the competition timeline has moved up a month in order to accommodate both Traditional Competitive Cheer and Competitive Sport Cheer teams.

In terms of strategy, despite cheerleaders receiving injuries from the practices such as a sprained ankle, a back injury and a broken finger, Ulrich noted, “[We will] go into the competition with a positive attitude and be there for everyone on the team. Never quit even when things are hard.”

With the theme this year being “No Matter What,” the Hillcrest Cheer Team hopes to stay determined and keep trying.

Most importantly, Ulrich suggested,”Always remember to cheer everyone on.”

Even though Hillcrest’s Cheer Team did not place at Anaheim, they still had a great season.