More than leprechauns: Ireland fun facts

More than leprechauns: Ireland fun facts

Since St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, here are some fun facts to help you get to understand Ireland a little more.

Ireland does not have a official religion, but many there practice Christianity.

In an Irish wedding, the groom wears a kilt that represents their family’s clan, while the bride wears white.

On February 1, or St. Brigid’s Day as the Irish call it, a couple can get married by walking to each other. As for divorces, the couple has to walk away from each other on another St. Brigid’s Day on the same spot they got married.

Ireland is home to the Hook Head Lighthouse, which can be considered oldest working lighthouse in Europe and possibly the whole world.

One of the common stereotypes concerning the Irish is that many Irish people have natural red hair. In reality, a little less than ten percent of people in Ireland have natural red hair.

The Oscars trophies are not an American original, just like the Statue of Liberty. A native from Dublin, Ireland was the one behind the statuette for the Oscars.

Speaking of America and Ireland, the Irishman James Hoban was the designer of the White House U.S. presidents reside in today.

There were 40 rainy days in a row for Ireland in 2007. Luckily, it didn’t cover the whole island.

Last but not least, there are different ways to celebrate birthdays throughout the world. In Ireland, a Irish birthday tradition is to take the birthday child, lift them upside down, and give their head gentle bumps on the floor to bring the child good luck. Apparently, the number of bumps should be the child’s age plus an extra bump. Does that sound like a headache?