Best marvel movie yet

Best marvel movie yet

On February 16, 2018 Marvel release their newest movie,“Black Panther.” The movie revolved around T’Challa who is in line for king of Wakanda after his father’s death. When a sudden enemy Killmonger arises from the dark and challenges him for the king’s seat, the black panther fails to keep Wakanda safe and not only loses his seat as king, but also leaves his people to suffer with killmonger.

Throughout the movie he facesother enemies and danger itself he must find a way to win back the seat as king in Wakanda and prevent Killmonger from attacking other countries, as well to keep his people safe in the process.

The movie was a huge success according to with the “box office notching $242 million domestically over the four-day-weekend-the second highest opening behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

The movie had several amazing scenes that definitely bought the movie to the high climax, for example the “ fight for the king seat” was one of the most suspenseful part of the movie we have T’Challa and killmonger fighting until one is alive or for one to call quit.

The movie also bought a spark to the people at the premier, several african americans  posted pictures on instagram with their tribal outfits for example twitter username: @AuthorMoJoseph made a date out with her husband wearing their traditional African clothing with the caption “Proud, Black and #Wakanda Ready!”

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I give the movie a definite 5/5 pawprints