Tattoos: The Modern Expression

Tattoos: The Modern Expression

As we enter the Era and the “hippie” lifestyle becomes more popular, tattoos are popping up everywhere. When driving down the street, you see tattoo parlors left and right. The issue we’re dealing with today is that tattoos should be more acceptable in the workforce, and in society as a whole.

Our society has progressed in the last century, from women’s right to vote, legalizing gay marriage, to recreational drug use. As we continue to progress, people still look down on those with tattoos. In the past, anyone with a tattoo was seen as someone unqualified for a job and every tattoo was expected to have some magnificent meaning.

 Today, for millennials, tattoos are seen as an art form or an expression of oneself. Steering away from piercings, black clothing, and hair dye, tattoos are becoming one of the most common ways of expressions. So why does society still shun them?

 In order to work at a hospital, along with any other white collar jobs, all tattoos must below the neck, not on the hands, and must be covered if on the body or arms.

Tattoos are just like clothing style. It is a choice that as long as it isn’t obscene, should be allowed in the workforce. If one is qualified for a job, a tattoo, hair color, or piercing should not prohibit them from working there.

 Tattoos are a way for someone to express what makes them happy or their motto, or even something they really like. Those things should never be hidden or told to be ashamed of. As long as someone is qualified and respectful, their tattoo should be accepted in the modern world.