Poem: High School Blues

Poem: High School Blues

Madilyn Wallace, Reporter

Loaded with homework

Or that’s how I make it out to be.

Four whole years,

At this dreary scene.

I feel rather awkward

So does everyone else around me.

I’m stressing out

About standardized testing

Being sent to colleges.

Oh, the agony!


When will I drive?

I hope I don’t die on the road.

High school is like a television series,

Where each day is one episode.

My brain seems scattered

Now three years left and a heavy load.

Two more years once June comes around

The stress is proportional to each year I conquer.

More and more to worry about

Of the future that isn’t too far yonder.


Scholarships are in need

And I should be focused on applying for those.

The problem is I feel too busy

With the activities I’ve chosen.

What will my future look like?

Almost anyone knows.


Cramming in all-nighters,

I certainly feel tired.

Got to make my college application

Look like some great publication.