Why Stormi’s life is already better than yours

Why Stormis life is already better than yours
  1. She has a decked out nursery including a butterfly print pink wall, candy-filled toys and even a luxurious white rug.
  2. She also has a fully stocked shoe closet with everything from boots to the fluffiest sandals. Including the first ever pair of Nike high-tops for babies.
  3. She has a designer stroller, what else would you expect.
  4. Kylie absolutely loves being a mom and is giving baby Stormi literally all her attention.
  5. Stormi has already broken an Instagram record of the most likes, passing over 14 million likes.
  6. She’s got a whole makeup line named after her thanks to the fact that her mom is such an iconic beauty influencer.
  7. AND she practically had a song dedicated to her before she was even born thanks to her dad Travis Scott’s track “The Butterfly Effect” (if the fan theory about the inspiration behind Stormi’s name is to be believed).