FBLA State


Utah State FBLA Officers

This past Wednesday our huskies attended the FBLA state qualifying competition. Not only did Hillcrest take 3rd overall out of over 87 schools present but Hillcrest FBLA also had 2 state officers elected this year to serve over 3,000 FBLA members from around the state.
FBLA is a club that many high school students around the country participate in.

The club promotes learning about business and entrepreneurship. The competition is a lot of competitive events that mimic business-type scenarios, entailing individual events, group events, and testing events. Individual events can be anything from job interview to an impromptu speech, and testing can go from journalism to finance. Group events are role play events that at least 2 people are involved in, such as entrepreneurship or partnership with business. There are hundreds of events.

At the competition sophomores, Rishab Bala and Sraavya Pinjala were elected Utah FBLA state officers.  “I joined FBLA to learn the skills needed to develop myself into a future leader,” says Rishab, who has been on FBLA for two years now.

Julia Fu and Christine Yun are Juniors who competed at the competition. Over all they love the experience of being on FBLA. “I like the students that I work with, it teaches leadership and group-efforts” Says Julia. Christine enjoyed the competition because of the people and the lessons she learned. “ I do FBLA because not only do I get to meet and make new friends, I also learn a lot about The future leader I can be.”