How to last until the end of the year

How to last until the end of the year

Fourth quarter has arrived and that means stress can get quite intense for some students. Whether you are in regular classes or AP ones, you will probably want the school year to be over already. Seniors in particular have a longing to get out of high school after being in high school for the past four years. Whatever your circumstances are, here are some tips to try to survive.

One of the easier things you can do to remain at the top of your game is just to attend your classes each day. That way, you don’t have to play catch up as much and you’ll avoid getting those dreaded NGs. Yes, some absences are inevitable due to sickness or school-excused activities, but the less you are absent in general, the better.

Speaking of keeping your grades up, turn in all your assignments. There are teachers at Hillcrest that dock points off if the assignment in particular is turned in late, so the sooner the better. In fact, just stay on time so you don’t have to worry about those docked points.

Don’t get too caught up on final exams. They are worth studying for but please don’t panic. Some finals may be harder than others (especially if you are in IB or AP classes) but give it your best shot. Those of you that have already taken tests like the PSAT or ACT probably know by now some of the greatest tips to tests: get some sleep, eat some breakfast, don’t hyperventilate, etc. Give these tests all your best efforts for that’s all you can do.

Lastly, try to have some fun. For some students, it is their last year of free education. For others, it is an experience that has just gotten started. Take a breather with assemblies, going to Hillcrest sports games, or partaking in the Spring Fling dance on April 28. Also, don’t forget the Yearbook Stomp in June. The Huskies have gotten at least 75 percent of the year done and over with; you’ve got this final quarter.