Cultural shocks from here to Spain

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Some of the cultural shocks that some people has with spain, are really similar with the rest of european countries, some are:

   1- Kisses on the cheeks when someone meets a new person. Unlike in the USA, when the people meet new people, they kiss each other on the check, but this is only when is a boy and a girl, or a girl with another girl, and not always. Never a boy and other boy!

   2- The lunch takes so long: In Spain, the main meal of the day in lunch, but it tooks longer than dinner. Sometimes it takes up to three hours, but just in family meals, the normal thing is for about an hour.

    3- The timetables: unlike in the USA, in Spain waking up at six thirty in the morning is considered waking up really, really early, and going to bed around nine is also really, really early. The normal hour one normally goes to bed is around ten to ten thirty, and the normal wake up time, for a normal day is for about seven thirty to eight.