A hole in one

A hole in one

Caitlyn Tucker, a junior at Hillcrest high, is on the JV girls golf team. She decided to join the team was because of her grandfather  has always wanted her play, he had passed away a few years ago. She decided to go to Topgolf and she ended up liking it.

The team has practice every Tuesday and it depends on where Mr. Richardson wants to practice. They play a different course every Thursday.

Tucker’s favorite memory since joining the team is when they played 3 hours in the pouring rain, and they were all soaking wet after. Her favorite thing is playing tournaments.

Beforehand she goes and gets herself a drink and buys some snacks, and she stretches her arms and back while holding a club.

They have played at Meadowbrook, and Copper Club and Central Valley, Stone bridge, and Glendale, The Ridge also Mountain View.

Her favorite thing about being on the team is that she is getting to meet new people and she goes away to new places.

Tucker mentioned “Mr. Richardson is a really good couch he cares about us and helps us out.”

Tucker commented “Some advice I would have if any girl wanted to join the team is just be confident in your desire to play, and if you haven’t played before, try it, you never know.”