How to use social media better than Trump

How to use social media better than Trump

When it comes to Twitter and social media in particular, President Donald J. Trump seems to use it more to rant than any previous U.S. president. Quite frankly, there are some people out there that either don’t care what his next tweet is about or just want him to keep his mouth shut. Fortunately, this generation can be better at their social media skills than even the highest of leaders in our government. Here are some tips for teenagers nowadays when it comes to social media:

First, don’t obsess about social media. Be sure to get some sleep and get away from the screens in general. You won’t die out in the sun or with talking to others face-to-face.

Next, don’t have spam posts. Perhaps not everyone wants to know about your daily life so you don’t have to message about everything that happens in the day. Try to keep the purpose of your posts clear to others.

Be aware that future employers (or current employers) will be looking at your social media account(s), so don’t post something you will regret later. For example, it isn’t good to have a picture or message of illegal or questionable behavior. If you are ever unsure if what you are wanting to post crosses the line, err on the side of caution.

Speaking of illegal acts, don’t engage in sexting through social media or other criminal and pornographic acts. It’s not worth impressing someone, especially when that person could be someone dangerous or crazy. Plus, you will end up in the slammer for these type of acts.

Last but not least, stay safe and be yourself. This may sound elementary but trust your gut when you feel a suspicious vibe from the other side or don’t know the individual in real life.