Architects reveal what new Hillcrest will look like

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At the beginning of the school year, Hillcrest, Brighton and Alta were all approved for remodeling. Because of this, Hillcrest High School, a 56-year-old school will be torn down.

Since the announcement, concerns have been raised about what the school should look like when it is rebuilt. First, students were concerned about the idea of five levels and having to climb all the stairs. Then, rendering of what the classroom would look like came out, and there were overwhelming windows on the classroom walls, looking into the hall, that teachers were concerned about.

The concern with the windows is that it’s a distraction to the students in classes for anyone in the halls, and as an article covered by Good4Utah pointed out, school shootings. In wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida schools across the nation have been worried about how to protect themselves, resorting to buckets of rocks and 16-inch bats as means of protection, while gun control remains a heated debate.

“A teacher’s worst nightmare is an active shooter, “ Mrs. Bullock tells Good4Utah. As an act against the windows, Mrs. Bullock and other teachers joined together and signed a petition against the windows. The primary complaint being that if you can see your target, it’s a lot easier to hit them.

“These schools are not prisons,” Jeff Haney, Canyons School District Spokesperson states in response to the concerns. The windows were shrunk but still cover a majority of the the wall leading into the hall. This leaves some teachers and students feeling unheard.

On wednesday, April 18 the architects held an open house, free to attend for students, teachers, parents or anyone of the public concerned about the school. At the open house they had the design plans laid out on bulletin boards to look at and ask spokespeople any questions they had.

Principal Leavitt and other administration were present for the open house and also answering questions for concerned parents. Parents were bringing up concerns about the beloved auditorium, parking during construction and walking in between classes across campus.

“If you’re coming from the seminary building we will have to specify something like, you have seven minutes to walk to classes rather than the five. No matter what we will have students covered,” Principal Leavitt reassured parents.

Another concern brought up by parents was the idea of dropping off their kids while the construction is going on, where exactly are they supposed to do? Architects reassured parents that most the construction should happen while kids are out of school but on the occasions that construction and the school year overlap, there will be signs for where to go.


As of right now the construction dates are set as follows:

Phase One: Begins 5/25/18 and ends 7/29/19

This consists of taking out the soccer field and tennis court areas to start building faculty and bus parking lots. The gym part of the building will also be constructed.

Phase Two: Begins 1/24/19 and ends 12/18/20

Year of construction will consist of tearing down the gym building and parking lots and building the main building, the five floors for academic classrooms included.

Phase Three: Begins 12/21/20 and ends 7/30/21

Phase three will be tearing down the old building and rest of the old parking lot to put in newer parking lot and the baseball fields.

Phase Four: Begins 8/2/21 and ends 9/27/21

Finally, phase four is putting in the tennis courts and soccer fields after tearing down the existing baseball fields.

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