Mohamed Salah’s path to greatness

Mohamed Salah’s path to greatness

In the sport of soccer, there are many amazing athletes playing for some of the best clubs around the world. Playing and representing their international teams as well. They showed pride and courage when they step up on the pitch suited up in their uniforms ready to play 90+ minutes.

Egypt was not known for having the greatest team nor players until the year 2013 when a young athletic, committed, hardworking human being showed up and proved a lot of people wrong. Playing for El Mokawloon to progressing and going to Chelsea in England, being sent on loan to Roma in Italy because he wasn’t “good enough,” despite the fact that he was the teams assist leader and one of the biggest game changers that showed up for the club when it came down to playing time.

Mohamed Salah is the man to watch in the sport of soccer at this point. Salah had no hope in him from any teammates, or coaches. He was on his own hunt going for greatness to prove and show what he is capable of doing. “It’s a discouraged feeling, not being wanted by many people because they don’t think you’re at top level despite your performances” said Mohamed Salah when he made his move back to England to play for Liverpool FC.

Roma had Mohamed Salah from 2015 to 2017, although he was on loan his first year, Roma decided to purchase him for a long term contract to play with their club. Salah was on a hot roll, assisting, and scoring for the club leading them to be top three in the Serie A league in Italy. Salah finished his final season with 40 goals and 38 assist’s before being transferred to Liverpool.

“We have faith in him, he will bring greatness to this club with his talent that he has in this sport, we are excited for the dynamic team that we have built and what we are going to be progressing through,” said his teammate Alex Oxlade Chamberlain. His new teammates received him as if he had been part of the team for many years, as if he were part of the family since birth.

Liverpool qualified for one of the biggest European club tournaments, the Champions League. Salah and his teammates were able to conquer great teams like FC Barcelona from Spain, FC Porto from Portugal and Seville from Spain. The team has left many of their fans and their rivals in shock due to their performance.

Egypt had a bumpy road in the Russia World Cup 2018 that is starting this June and ending in July qualifying stages earlier in 2017. Egypt faced Congo in the final round of the African qualifiers, which Egypt needed to win in order to qualify. A penalty kick was called in the 94th minute, just before the game ended. Salah was able to deliver the final goal in the penalty kick sending Egypt to their first world cup.

Mohamed Salah was able to progress and grow with his team to many great things this year and last year. Fans around the world are now able to enjoy seeing Salah play in the Champions League final and in the World Cup this year.