Let’s Put a Stop to No Grades

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As the end of the school year approaches, students have less motivation and more stress. Due to this, absences and tardies sky rocket. The current policy at Hillcrest is once you have 5 unexcused tardies or absences you receive a No Grade in the class, which means no credit.

You can still pass a class with a No Grade, but if it’s in a required class, you won’t be able to pick up your cap and gown, get your yearbook, and most importantly, you won’t be able to graduate.

The question is being raised now, and has been for the last couple of years, should no grades be allowed? Teachers and students have mixed feelings. Students obviously say no, and most teachers say yes. Some committees here in Canyons District is actually in the middle of this discussion right now.

They realize that no grades usually just punish the students who try and care about school, but the committee is torn on how to give consequences for student absences.

“It’s dumb that I can have a 97% in a class, and still have a no grade. Obviously I went enough to get an A,” said senior Madi Drake.

As of now, students can pay $25, go to student support time, or do service hours to make up a no grade. Though these are options, students feel that if they are able to have a passing grade, especially at a high percentage, that they shouldn’t receive a no grade.

Absences are only excused by doctor notes, wedding and funeral invitations, etc. This is a problem for a lot of students who are apart of non-school related extracurriculars. They end up missing school for something important/required, but then are punished for an absence.

On the other hand, no grades can be used as motivation, “though I think they suck, no grades actually motivate me to get to class on time and to actually show up,” said Sami Herron a junior at Hillcrest.

Though they are working on solutions, Hillcrest and Canyons need to come up with a solution, whether it extend the amount of absences, or lowers the fee, Canyons needs to come up with a solution quick in order to give students the best learning environment possible.

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