Little Bill’s in big trouble

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In light of recent events, Bill Cosby was finally arrested and found guilty of drugging and sexually abusing women 14 years ago according to The New York Times. The Bill Cosby case is an infamous one because it started the #MeToo movement which helped survivors of sexual assault or harassment.

Before Bill Cosby was widely known as a sexual abuser, he was famous for being the star of his own show, “The Cosby Show.” The show was a comedy series that centered around the family life. However, it was so popular for their way of portraying very difficult real life scenarios such as teen pregnancy, learning disabilities, interracial dating, and racism.

Bill Cosby was beloved for appearing on things like “I Spy,” and “Fat Albert,” Cosby very quickly became a loved public figure of America.

With recent claims however, it’s hard to imagine how someone who made so many people laugh, could do such a repulsive thing. People are having a hard time actually processing the claims of sexual assault.

America is currently undergoing a cognitive dissonance. Various people outright refused that Cosby could be guilty of so many counts of sexual assault. Even more, that he could drug women without their consent.

Despite the various witness testimonies and heartbreaking stories, people continue to watch and praise his works. Even so, people are fighting this person as his book “Little Bill,” is now on the banned books list. It’s encouraging to see more and more people rooting for the victims.

It takes a great deal of strength to come forward and speak up against someone who is so loved and praised in television. Even more, to share their stories that you can find here:

We have to celebrate the women who put a stop to such a horrible act. The survivors are responsible for putting such a revolting man behind bars, and they deserve to be recognized.

1960 victims:

  • Sunni Wells
  • Kristina Ruehli
  • Carla Ferrigno
  • Linda Joy Traitz
  • Joan Tarshis
  • Cindra Ladd
  • Linda Brown
  • Victoria Valentino

1970 victims:

  • Autumn Burns
  • Louisa Moritz
  • Tamara Green
  • Colleen Hughes
  • Linda Ridgeway
  • Helen Hayes
  • Kathy Mckee
  • Judy Huth
  • Marcella Tate
  • Margie Shapiro
  • Therese Serignese
  • Sarita Butterfield
  • Patricia Leary Steuer
  • Joyce Emmons
  • PJ Masten

1980 Victims:

  • Linda Kirkpatrick
  • Renita Chaney Hill
  • Janice Dickinson
  • Janice Baker Kinney
  • Beth Ferrier
  • Heidi Thomas
  • Barbara Bowman
  • Rebecca Lynn Neal
  • Beverly Johnson
  • Sammie Mays
  • Chelan Lasha
  • Helen Gumpel
  • Jewel Allison
  • Lise-Lotte Lublin
  • Eden Tirl

1990-2010 victims:

  • Lili Bernard
  • Kacey
  • Angela Leslie
  • Andrea Constand
  • Chloe Goins

We thank these women and many more for their efforts and strength in standing up. It’s believed that there are still many more victims that have not come forward. It takes grace and courage to do something that could you could receive backlash for and we thank them for putting a stop to it.

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