Teen shamed for stunning Chinese prom dress

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Eighteen-year-old Utah teen Keziah Daum made a bold and beautiful choice to wear a Chinese dress to her senior prom. She wore a stunning red and gold qipao, which is defined as a traditional Chinese dress for women.

People all over America were highly offended by her choice of prom dress. Because it is a qipao, some find it offensive that she is not Chinese and still wore it. There is no reason for people to be offended. Daum did nothing wrong by wearing this gorgeous dress.

The high school student posted her prom pictures on twitter, as many other teens do after prom. The backlash started pouring in from people all over the world, over a prom dress. Keziah had no idea that the public would give her this kind of reaction.

A Chinese American student replied to her on twitter with, “My culture is NOT your g****** prom dress.” The student talked about the qipao and what it means in the Chinese culture.

Lots of attention has been drawn to Daum since her twitter post. She has been on Good Morning America, Fox News, CNN, and the Los Angeles Times.

She told Good Morning America, “Shortly after I got the dress, I decided to do some research… it made me love it even more.”

Daum found a gorgeous dress downtown that she fell in love with. It is not disrespectful to wear a Chinese dress to a high school prom. If anything, it is showing respect, not disrespect.

The dress she chose was beautiful, and it’s sad that others can’t see that as well. She got many compliments throughout the night for having a unique and gorgeous dress. Keziah was not trying to show disrespect, she simply wanted a pretty prom dress, and that’s what she got.

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