Learning STEM through robots

Learning STEM through robots

For two weeks this summer, students will be busy doing their portion of service for Robotics. They will help elementary and middle school students learn more about STEM (an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math) and the possibilities that come from it.

Robotics member Lauren Moga mentioned that in addition to learning about STEM, “Our summer camp is to help these students to learn more about programming and robots.”

There are two groups that are eligible to participate in the camps: those ages 7-10 and those ages 11-14. While the younger group will have two hours per session, the older groups will have four hours each session.

Other differences between the two groups are as follows: the younger group takes on DASH robotics (with robots who dance, sing, and can navigate objects) while the older works with VEX robots (who roll on wheels and take part in VEX Robotics competitions).

Moga explained, “The DASH robots are programmed through Blocky and Path languages, which the younger students will be using.”

For potential participants to sign up, they must fill out the Google form for their respective session at least two weeks before the start of the first camp day and then pay and register one week before the first day. The fee for the younger class is $65 and the older class $125.

This year, the Robotics summer camp will take place from June 18-21 and July 30-August 2 in Mr. Castleton’s room in AT107.

All levels of programming are encouraged and 90 percent of all proceeds will go the Husky Robotics Team to help them with the robot costs this season at two regional events and potentially one world event. Since only 20 spots are available for each of the six blocks (three blocks in each summer camp span), it is highly recommended that eligible students sign up as soon as possible.

As one last piece of advice, Moga stated, “I would just say to be open-minded and be creative because Robotics has a lot of opportunities.”