The PawPrint: Signing Off 2018


Mrs. McKay (Adviser): This year was such a whirlwind, but I am so proud of the work we accomplished. You grew as writers, critical thinkers, and speakers all at the same time. We learned about why a free press is so important and we exercised our first amendment rights by sharing our opinions on a published platform. We sang lots of songs, danced some weird dances, and discussed so many important topics. I loved every second. Please, even if you do not pursue journalism, continue consuming a wide range of news from a broad spectrum of outlets. Essentially, stay informed. Like the New York Times encourages, “Read more. Listen more. Understand more. It all starts with a free press.” Always remember how important your voice is and share it through the written word. Tom Stoppard said, “I still believe that if your aim is to change the world, journalism is a more immediate short-term weapon.” Get out there and change the world. This is Lyndee McKay, signing off until next year.

Rabecca Monroe (Editor-In-Chief):
I joined Newspaper my freshman year at Jordan High, it was a small, tight knit staff of just 12 people. I was one of three freshman. Although it was a fun class, it didn’t fit what I’d always thought Newspaper would be. We didn’t report on our school news. We did a lot of national and it discouraged me from future classes in Newspaper.
However, the next year I transferred to Hillcrest and joined the PawPrint staff. I met Mrs. McKay, who then set me up with Sabrina and Marli, our first editor-in-Chief and photo editor. We were a loud class who screamed at each other, danced on counters, and obsessed over friends. But most importantly, we wrote what we wanted. We wrote about Hillcrest, wrote about a wonderful Denny’s, and so much more.
My second year was rough, but exciting, I’d become the first ever junior copy editor and paved the way easily for others. I became best friends with that Editor-In-Chief, Yutzil, and she’s a literal genius. Got mad at Tito for egging on every fight he could. Maison made everyone laugh by answering his phone in the middle of a staff meeting. Controversial topics spread throughout the class, such as is Sasquatch real or not?
And here we are, ending of my fourth and final year. I’ve watched dozens of seniors leave and I miss them, but here I am now, the one leaving. I’ve enjoyed every second of being this staff’s Editor-In-Chief. It’s been an honor and everything I would have hoped it could be and more. I have pride for all of the staff, the fact that your writing has improved so much. It got crazy, I got frustrated with everyone one of the staff, but you are my family. I grew up in this class and I’ll continue to grow thanks to everyone, especially Mrs. McKay.

Torrie Heffron (Copy Editor): Newspaper was a new start for me. I made new friends, and I met new people. I’m glad that I did join. I met Rabecca who I would have never talked if I didn’t join this class. This class taught me how to deal with annoying people, and also how to be a little less annoying. The best part of this class would be Mrs. Mckay and meeting Rabecca. Two people who have impacted my life, I got motivation to come to school. Thank you Mrs. Mckay for being an amazing listener and even more amazing teacher.  See you next year, Torrie out!

Cameron McCleary (Photo Editor): Newspaper is a must have for your schedule. I’ve improved my writing and made new friends, and Mrs. McKay is the best! I’ve loved every minute and I’m glad I took a shot with it. “‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.’ -Wayne Gretzky”- Michael Scott

Danyelle Robertson (Social Media Editor): Coming into this year, I was thinking there was no possible way this class could top last years class. But I was so wrong. This year our class was full of fun, energetic, hilarious, and outgoing students. Mrs.McKay makes the PawPrint so fun, and she puts in so much effort to make this possible.  I’m going to miss our class and our seniors so much, but I can’t wait for next year’s class!!

Sydney Brey (News Editor): Senior year has been a whirlwind of emotions but newspaper has been my safe place. This has been a new and enjoyable experience. I enjoy the work and the people. These people will forever and always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you Hillcrest PawPrint for allowing me to be your News Editor. This is Sydney Brey signing off.

Shiana Goodrich (Arts & Entertainment Editor): This year in newspaper, it was able to help me reconnect myself with my old friends. I even had the opportunity to meet new friends. I had a lot of fun this year and was able to be more open with not only the people around me, but in other classes as well. Newspaper has helped me improve my writing in other classes with essays. I’m excited to see what the next year newspaper class brings. This is your Arts and Entertainment Editor, signing off for the summer.

Mo Saif (Sports Editor): This class has been one of the classes I looked forward to actually going to everyday.  I’ve had the best laughs in this class this year, and have had the best dance battles. I’ve met the best person in my life in this class and well I made a lot more friends by just being in newspaper. I’ve learned how to BS an articles in 10 minutes. Honestly I think I’m the 4th worst person in this class with attendance. Sports editor here saying hasta luego.

Tamara Jaljouli (Feature Editor): The best memories I have made during my high school career were associated with the PawPrint newspaper. As a young, vulnerable sophomore, I wanted to find a new purpose that will enhance my high school career.  Though very hesitant at the beginning, I managed to continue to be a part of this club. Three years later, I am more than grateful that I have been a reporter and an editor (both social media and features editor) under the greatest advisor, Mrs. McKay. I had the pleasure of working with many new people and making amazing friends. I wrote funny, interesting, and entertaining articles; even heartfelt memorials throughout my newspaper career. I met great students and teachers through amazing interviews. I had been very eager to end these last four years, but one thing I am not ready for is giving this great club up. The Editor-In-Chief, Rabecca Monroe, and I have been the only students who were a part of this club for three years. It has been the most amazing experience I have had during my senior year, and I will definitely remember everything I have learned. Thank you, PawPrint.

Luz Orozco (Opinion Editor):  Newspaper was the best thing I did in high school. I met incredible people and got to work alongside an amazing staff. I initially only joined because I loved Mrs. Mckay and wanted to keep being her student. However, she taught me to love journalism and to step out of my comfort zone to create articles that voiced my opinion. I will never miss a day of highschool but I will always miss newspaper. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to be in the class for 2 years and will forever take the lessons everyone in the class taught me.

Ashton Arlt (Reporter): I was the first person that was allowed to transfer into newspaper halfway into the year, and boy am I glad. Newspaper has been one of the funnest, best classes that I’ve ever been apart of. It has pushed me into becoming a better writer, taught me a new way to write while still being a chill, relaxing class. Newspaper is fun because you see a whole bunch of personalities that wouldn’t normally mingle in a high school setting come together and bond and have a blast together all year. Newspaper is the best class possible when you’re given the best teacher ever, Mrs. McKay, along with the best staff possible. Honestly, it was literally the best way to end senior year. So, see ya later alligator.

McKay Ashby (Reporter): Well newspaper has been a pleasant surprise this year. I joined because Mrs. McKay asked me to when I was a junior. I wasn’t expecting newspaper to be so much fun. It has also helped me to become a much better writer than I previously was. But most of all I have loved meeting and getting to know a group of kids I didn’t know before. Well I guess this is it for me, McKay Ashby, but that’s okay because everything has to come to an end.

Alejandro Baker Cabello (Reporter): This club has done a lot for me, I would never imagine that I would have so much fun in a class, I really liked it and this class changed me a lot. It actually makes me sad that I am not going to be here for the next two years of my high school because I have to go back to my country and it actually makes me sad, I loved this class and is full with some of the most amazing people I have meet during my time in America. I loved this class and it truly meant something for me, love you all.

Lindsay Bringhurst (Reporter): This year has been filled with emotions that you never think that a high school student would have. Falling behind at the worst part of the year. Turning in decent articles that only need a couple revisions, listening to conversations, even the teacher is joining in. The friends that you’ll see thinking in your head that this could never happen. Stay on top of your assignments and Mrs. McKay will become more than a friend she’ll become a mentor. Thank you for all the opportunities and a chance to explore new things, and new friendships.

Litzi Carmona (Reporter): This year was full of amazing new people. Most of the people I met my first year are leaving and it’s really sad to see them go. It’s almost the end of the year and reality has hit me that I won’t see any of the seniors that were here this year. I’m really going to miss my brother being in the same class as me. There were a lot of fun moments that I had in this class and i’m going to miss every second of it.  Every end of the school year becomes a really sad moment for me. There will be a new class replacing the old class and so on and so forth. Im looking forward to people coming to visit the class again next year. Till next year, this is Litzi Carmona signing off.

Ramon De La Torre (Reporter): Writing articles was fun, dancing in here was fun, singing in here was fun especially the backstreet boys, we out here saucin it up son., Glad im done and off to a life that I don’t know what I am doing with, PEACE OUT FAM.

Hanna Emery (Reporter): Newspaper taught me so much and so did Mrs. Mckay, I will miss her and everything about this class.  The dance parties, the snacks, and the friends made this class an absolute blast. Stay excellent Hillcrest Pawprint news, Hanna out.

Ricardo Estrada (Reporter): Being on the Husky PawPrint team taught me that there is news all around us, and to turn in your articles before 11:59 pm before you get that “ Turn your garbage article in “ text. I really enjoyed the class at first I didn’t know what to expect, there have been times where I wanted to switch out, but the longer I stayed the more comfortable I was able to get with the students and they are basically my second family,  I love every single person in the class. This is Ricardo Estrada with a final goodbye.

Ashlynne Gallegos (Reporter): My whole high school career I never thought I would be involved in any school clubs or activities. I only joined newspaper this year because my mom wanted me to branch out, and I’m glad I did. As a senior looking back, one of the only things I regret about my high school experience was not joining clubs. I wish I would have joined the school newspaper earlier because I love the atmosphere of the class. I’m grateful to the staff and Mrs. McKay for making me enjoy writing again and for being a crazy, funky group of people. Signing off, Ashlynne, or Skylar, Gallegos

Kody Kuhr (Reporter): I was nervous joining newspaper. I’m glad I did join.  I had met new people and we talked about things that we agreed on and disagreed on. It was pretty cool that we could make a difference with our words. This class isn’t the hardest you just had to keep working, we do have fun times in this class. Mrs. McKay is an amazing teacher she jokes around with you and she is someone you can trust to talk to. We pick on each other like we are best friends. A few things you must know about this class turn in your articles before 12, Mrs. McKay’s birthday is on May 18th, keep your hall pass and late work so you can get extra credit. I will miss this class, it was a lot of laughter. This is Kody Kuhr Signing off for the final time.

Belle Nanni (Reporter): I don’t even want to write this because I don’t want newspaper to be over, even though I still have two more years. I am so glad I chose to be a part of this class and live in Tito’s shadow for another year. Being part of newspaper brought me so many new friends, people that I can actually have real, important, and fun conversations with. I love debating and I love the discussions we have in class, I also love gossiping with Mrs. Mckay. I only pray that next year I get my articles in on time. This is me, Belle Nanni, reluctantly signing off.

Leah Okello (Reporter): Newspaper has given me a chance to meet new people, make new friends, grow as a person, and have a closer relationship with many people. I have learned to be patient and go out and be there in order to get my articles done. Thanks to all the people in my class I have learned to discuss many topics in ways through writing or speaking.

Sydney Robbins (Reporter): By the end of this year our newspaper class really became one huge family. I loved how we could have long talks about everything and Mrs. McKay was that one teacher who you could go to about anything. I loved being able to get closer to everyone in this class. And I am so excited for next year!

Zaynab Salih (Reporter): This year in newspaper was almost as good as One Direction. This class laughed, ( I ) cried, and we wrote lots of quality articles. I convinced there will never be a class as good as this. I gonna miss the political rants with Jordan Dunn, Mckay Ashby and Mrs.Mckay. They really are something else. Shoutout to this class for accepting me, hyping me up and being there for me. This class has become a  dysfunctional family, that I love. Till next year. Bye Squad. Stay hydrated.

Madilyn Wallace (Reporter): Journalism is the cornerstone of democracy and being part of The PawPrint has been an experience well worth the initial learning curb. I will admit that part of the reason I joined was to be able to put this on my college resume/application, but as I got further into the workload, I genuinely enjoy writing for our wonderful newspaper. In addition to writing, you get to learn about article flaws. The sooner you join, the more opportunity you have in this class. Besides, we have personalities and fun; we just get to work as well…with music or side-conversations mixed in.

Juan Zamarripa (Reporter): This year has been a wild one for me. I got to see a lot of familiar faces and some new ones as well. I had so many fun memories that will stay with me throughout my life. I came here excited and ready for this class and i didn’t expect it to be as amazing as it was. This is my new family even if we aren’t in touch anymore after this. I’ll be around though you can’t get rid of me so easily i’ll be back. I love y’all, this class always made my day. I had many smiles and laughs. This is Juan signing off bye