Cameron McCleary: Aspiring pediatrician and total nerd


Photographer: Hanna Emery

This year’s Husky Pawprint Newspaper’s Editor-in-Chief is the curly-haired Cameron McCleary. He loves playing soccer and being at school.

“I really like being at school. A lot of my friends are here and I’ve had a really good, positive connection with everybody around me. I’ve had good experiences in the past, so I just relate being happy with being here.” Cameron’s motto is the classic, “Don’t worry, be happy.”

Cameron’s biggest fear is heights. More specifically, heights that go down into water. That means no cliff diving. He spends most of his free-time watching movies. He likes action movies and scary movies and says that sad movies are his guilty pleasure. His favorite cheesy pick-up line is, “My name is Cameron, but you can call me tonight!”

A senior, Cameron plans to serve an LDS mission after he graduates, and, from there, go to college to get his generals done and then to university to become a pediatrician. “I want to make other kids feel safe, even if they’re sick, and feel like they can get better.”