Andrea Vazquez: Former dancer


Photographer: Hanna Emery

There are many new faces in The Pawprint working hard to inform Hillcrest, one being senior Andrea Vazquez.

“I joined The Pawprint News because I like having [Mrs.] McKay as a teacher and other told me they liked [Newspaper] and how it’s an enjoyable class,” Vazquez stated.

Before being a Husky, Vazquez was a Brighton student for her freshman year, but had problems that led to her coming to Hillcrest her sophomore year and onward.

“The students were not very nice, even though I had grown up with them,” Vazquez explained.

Andrea got her start at life in Uruguay, where she lived from birth until 7 months later. After 7 months, her family moved to Utah, where she would later start dancing. Vazquez learned a variety of dances, with some of the ones she mentioned being ballet, jazz, character, hip hop, lyrical, and military dancing.

“I started taking dance when I was 4 years old,” explained Vazquez. “Military dancing was my favorite but I also liked jazz.”

When she came to Hillcrest her sophomore, she joined the basketball team and stayed for that one year. Due to the pressure of being on the basketball team, she retired her dance shoes.

“If I had the choice, I would probably choose to go back to dance since I have done it longer than basketball,” Vazquez explained.

In addition to taking on the responsibility this year of being on The Pawprint News as a reporter, Andrea Vazquez is on her first (and only) year of being the Social Media SBO. She also has high hopes for the future, especially with her desire to be in dental hygiene and do cosmetology on the side.

“I look forward to being successful, getting a good job, and having a good life,” Vazquez said, “The future is scary but also exciting.”