Zaynab Salih: The girl on fire


Photographer: Hanna Emery

Zaynab Salih has a unique personality that drives her throughout her junior year in high school. She believes in pushing oneself in order to become a better self like putting oneself in a higher and more difficult classes.

She humbly strives for women’s rights, world peace, and to be better than everyone. She simply said, “If I would become dictator, the world would become a better place… Hate to flex!!!”

If she was stranded in the middle of nowhere, and had one restaurant that would have a bottomless pit of fresh supplies, it would be Cafe Rio. The last thing in the world the she would get sick of is their chicken salad. She could eat it for the rest of her life.

Although she is so technologically advanced, her most embarrassing moment would be videoing her freshmen SBO video. She looks back at it now and laughs. She has Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and Ostiophobia, and would love to tell more about it on her vlog, @WildZaynab, and Instagram, @zaysalih.

She has the ability to do anything. She has the want to do anything. She loves her commitment with her school as she is an SBO of her grade and sets a great example to all, not only in her grade.

Although she has her cons, her pros surpasses them with flying colors. She uses that to help her throughout her high school SBO career, and exceeds at it. She loves all and accepts all, and will help anyone and everyone with any problems they bring to her. She uses her kindness for good, and always feels like she could create a kinder place.