Dylan Thatcher: Hillcrest mathematician

Senior year is definitely stressful for all. For senior Dylan Thatcher, it is “packed”. After high school Thatcher hopes to follow in his family’s footsteps and become an accountant. But for now he is making memories at Hillcrest High as he is a member of many clubs including PLT, Hope Squad and more.

His favorite club he is apart of is PLT. In PLT, Thatcher goes to elementary schools and promotes staying drug free. He loves this club not only because it adds to his amazing high school experience but also because the issue they promote is important. “Were teaching the next generation better standard”

Thatcher aspires to be like his grandpa in life “He is a caring man who shows love to all people.” His grandpa was an accountant which inspires Thatcher. As he said “math just comes easy to me.“

When he isn’t solving a mathematical equation he’s playing golf. His skills are “comparable to tiger woods, Maybe even better” says Thatcher.  

You can catch Thatcher walking into class with a burger in hand, all american is how you can describe this guy although his ancestors although his ancestors goes back to the first  prime minister of England.

Thatcher is sweet, funny and real crowd pleaser so follow him on instagram for more @DTHATCH26.