Keeping it fresh with freshmen

High school can be daunting enough for freshmen who do not know what to expect. With freshman elections, this anxiety can be lowered as they elect leaders who understand them because they are freshmen too.

Mr. Griffel, AP U.S. History teacher at Hillcrest, explained, “The purpose of the Freshman Election is to elect student government officers for the Freshman. Class officers are important so they can represent their class as we plan events, assemblies, and dances.”

Representation is important, as the freshmen may feel undervalued during their first year at Hillcrest.

On September 10, freshmen who desired a leadership position went to D210 before or after school to get more information on what was to be expected of them and to receive their guidelines for their videos and posters, which were due on September 17.

Griffel stated some of the qualifications, including, “All candidates must have every one of their teachers sign a petition saying that they will complete an evaluation of that student. Each candidate must have at least 6 evaluations turned into by their teachers and they must score high enough on their teacher evaluations to be able to run.”

On these teacher evaluations, some of the areas freshmen were graded on include attendance, leadership, dedication, attitude, communication skills, and participation.

In addition to these teacher evaluations, these students had to make administration-improved posters and a 2-minute video.

According to Griffel, “Each candidate only gets to hang five posters and one banner [a total of six advertisements] as part of their campaign. Their videos can only be two minutes in length and should emphasize why the candidate is a good choice for people to vote for.”

The positions up for grabs were Freshman President, Vice President, and Secretary. Griffel explained, “There are currently 12 candidates that are running for Freshman Class Officer. There are four candidates for each position.”

An assembly informing freshmen of their candidates happened on September 20 and the freshmen officers were announced the same day after school.

It is important for freshmen to vote so that they have their voice heard and have a say in who becomes Freshman President, Vice President, and Secretary, who are part of the Student Government.

“Student government is in charge of a lot of events and activities so it is important that people vote for people that they trust, who will do a good job planning these events and activities,” Griffel elaborated.

The exciting moment for certain candidates came near the end of fourth period on September 20, when Benjamin Homer became Freshman SBO Secretary, Jack Neilson Freshman SBO Vice President, and Christopher Peacock Freshman SBO President.

These freshman officers will be of utmost value to the other officers, whether these officers realize it or not. Plus, being a freshman officer can go well on a college application.