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Imagine going to the beach in California. You’re on a donut floatie relaxing in the water drinking a nice cold Coke in a pink tumbler mug, listening to your favorite playlist on Spotify. You’re thinking about how beautiful the water is when all of a sudden a 70 foot shark emerges from the ocean and eats you alive in one whole bite.

“The Meg” is a movie based on a 70 foot long shark called the Megalodon. The Megalodon is the world’s biggest shark that ever existed, but went extinct about 2.6 million years ago, according to livescience.com. However, some people still believe he exists in the ocean somewhere.

Jonas Taylor, who is played by Jason Statham, is an infamous scuba diver. He is everyone’s go to diver when they need something in the ocean. Jonas went on a scuba diving mission with a few friends when all of a sudden, their submarine gets hit and all power goes out. Will they make it out alive? Was it that Megalodon? These are a few questions going through your mind in the heat of the moment.

When a scientist needs more people to help out with another scuba diving mission, they turn to Jonas. Little does he know is that the mission is with his ex-wife. Will their past relationship get in the middle of them trying to figure where the Megalodon is?

As more and more people keep going on missions to try to discover what’s really at the bottom of the ocean, they are more excited to see what they really discovered. However it’s not what they all thought when the mission starts to go terribly wrong.

The best part of the movie was definitely when they discover the megalodon; but it wasn’t just one. It’s really entertaining to see that there are hundreds of people hanging out on the beach and in the ocean, and then suddenly the megalodon out of nowhere and starts attacking and killing people.

Jason Statham did an amazing job on his role. Every scene he was scared in or has to fight back, he makes it seem like it was real, almost as if you’re right next to him. The submarines that were used were put together very nicely. The megalodon were very realistic and it looked very convincing, almost to the point that it may convince a person scared of going into the water.

“The Meg” will definitely keep you on your toes with lots of turns and twists and filled with lots of suspense. This would be a great movie to go see if you love ocean animals and anything to do with the ocean. The movie was definitely 5 out of 5 paws for the amazing actors, the turns and twists, and the amazing graphics.  

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