The fight for justice

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The “Me too” movement is a movement dedicated to fight against sexual harassment and sexual assault which mostly involves women. The hashtag #me too has been surfacing around the internet since 2017. The hashtag is used by those  who are fighting against sexual assaulters/harassers to give the victims justice. Many celebrities and well known political figures have either been the accused or victims of sexual misconduct.

According to, the original founder of the movement was Tarana Burke, who was shocked to hear the story of a 13-years-old girl that was sexually abused. 10 years after the conversation she had with the girl, Burke decided to take action. In 2006, Burke created a non profit organization called Just Be Inc, to help the victims of sexual harassment and assault . Burke has had this organization long before the hashtag was created.

One of the most recent cases have been Bill Cosby being accused of sexual misconduct by at least 60 women. After a long trial, Cosby was sentenced three to ten years in prison and taken to the correctional facility on September 25, 2018. This is only one of the hundreds of thousands of cases of sexual assault, and many of the victims are deprived of the justice and closure they need.

Brett Kavanaugh, a supreme court nominee, has been accused of sexual misconduct by Christine Blasey Ford. Ford claimed that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a party in high school. Ford stated that Kavanaugh was intoxicated while the assault was happening.

According to the Washington post , During the summer of 1980, Ford encountered Kavanaugh “stumbling drunk” with a friend at a house party in Montgomery county. Ford stated that Kavanaugh was groping her and attempting to take her clothes off while his friend watched. When she tried to scream for help Kavanaugh covered her mouth and this was when Kavanaugh’s friend jumped on top of them sending them tumbling, which gave her time to escape.

Ford decided to share her story right when Kavanaugh was nominated for the supreme court. There have been many people who have accused Ford of lying and have been in full support of Kavanaugh, such as former president Donald Trump who had a lot of words to say about Ford.

There has been a divide across America who had their eyes on the votes to vote Kavanaugh in the supreme court or not. The votes for Kavanaugh to be confirmed to the Supreme Court were 50-48. This put many people in America in a state of shock.

On one of Ford’s friends shared their thoughts on the confirmation of Kavanaugh being conformed to the Supreme Court, “My heart breaks for all those who will continue to live in fear and shame that their stories, their pain, their lives are less important than male privilege and power.” Ford’s friend continues, “Justice has not been served, in the service of the latest Justice of the Supreme Court, and all those like him.”

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