Hot Cheeto overdose

Hot Cheeto overdose

Rapper Lil Xan was admitted to the hospital on Sept 24 after he started vomiting blood, but the reason why is pretty strange.

“I guess I just ate too many Hot Cheetos,” Xan reported in an Instagram post September 25.

Many news sources are calling this an overdose, but Xan made sure to let his fans know this was not from drugs. He has had issues in the past with taking drugs and staying sober.

He also warned to “be careful, Hot Cheetos are one hell of a drug.” The rapper, whose real name is Diego Leanos, began his Total Xanarchy tour in New York on the 26 of Oct and seems to be recovering well. “We good,” he said in the same video and later even encouraged his fans to throw bags of Hot Cheetos on the stage during his concert.

However, this raises concerns for high school students who enjoy spicy foods like Hot Cheetos and Takis.

“We do see tons of gastritis and ulcer-related stuff due to [hot chips],” Dr. Cary Gavender told Fox News. According to him, the hospital “see[s] around 100 kids a month, easily,” who come in with stomach problems.

In one past case, a 17 year-old from Memphis had to have her gallbladder removed because of eating too many spicy foods. She was eating around four big bag of Takis and hot chips a week.

Dr. Cavender also says that there are a lot of factors involved in deciding whether to remove the gallbladder but the high consumption of spicy foods is definitely one of them. Eating too many fatty foods also contributes to gallbladder disease.

“This warns me not to eat a lot at once, just kind of be careful about how much you eat” says senior Hannah Romney. Lay’s, the company that makes Cheetos, has released a statement in response to the recent outcry against spicy foods.

“At Frito-Lay, food safety is always our number one priority, and our snacks meet all applicable food safety regulations as well as our rigorous quality standards. Some consumers may be more sensitive to spicy foods than others and may choose to avoid spicier snacks due to personal preference,” said a company spokesperson.