Hillcrest High School Red Ribbon Week



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“I just think the students body needs to get involved and really take it seriously, cause you never know if you are going to be addicted.” says Hillcrest High School Principal Gregory Leavitt.

Every year, schools around the country participate in Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week was created for the awareness of drug abuse in schools. Multiple times throughout the school year, often times leading up to a special holiday or event, students will have the opportunity to dress up for red ribbon week.

Every day of the week you dress up in different types of clothing and at the end of the week there is a celebration. This event usually takes place the week prior to Halloween.

Hillcrest High School is participating in Red Ribbon Week the week of October 23-31. Throughout the week there are different events for students including glow yoga on Tuesday, and the haunted house on Thursday.

Red Ribbon Week is a chance for the students at Hillcrest High School to have fun and, “It’s just to get kids interested in the topic and make them aware again. It’s fun, they want to make it fun.” says principal Leavitt.

Hillcrest students have the opportunity to dress up every day and wear something fun and different. “I’ll probably wear the color, but I won’t get too wacky I’ve got too many meetings at the district.” says Principal Leavitt. Dressing up is not a necessity, but a suggestion.

The Student Body Officers have been placed in charge of Red Ribbon week and chose the following attire:

  • Monday: My Team Monday
  • Tuesday: Twin Tuesday
  • Wednesday: Wild Life Wednesday
  • Thursday: Throwback Thursday
  • Friday: Fancy Friday

The Student Body President have not always been in charge of planning activities for Red Ribbon Week. Traditionally the PTA has been over Red Ribbon Week.

“Not a lot was happening at Hillcrest. When I first got here they did nothing. The second year they did nothing. But the third year we asked the SBOs to step up and do something,” says Leavitt.

Red Ribbon Week isn’t just about having fun and dressing up every day. It is about raising drug awareness and bringing attention to drug abuse in schools. Hillcrest High School is a safe environment for students to learn. The population of students at Hillcrest High School that actively use drugs is very small.

“I don’t see many people doing (drugs). I think it’s a good thing to do, you know raise awareness of it.” says Hillcrest sophomore Parker Schmidt.

Principal Leavitt’s advice to all Hillcrest students is, “If you see something, say something… More students and young people have died by the opiate problem than you know, almost anything else. ”