Supreme court nominee accused with sexual assault


An ongoing investigation is being conducted following the allegations of sexual assault towards supreme court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. The investigation is enough reason to put voting on hold. Following these statements, the President of the United States claims, men are now at risk as women are on a “witch hunt” to accuse men of assaults.

Belle Nanni, a junior from Alta high school, believes that Kavanaugh is not fit for this position.

Real presidents do not mock sexual assault. Real men do not mock sexual assault victims. People with any decency do not mock sexual assault victims or claim they are making false accusations,” says Nanni.

Kavanaugh denies any accusations against him that puts his career at stake.

CBS News stated, “Senators on Thursday are taking turns reviewing the report following demands for a more thorough investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against President Trump’s nominee.” The incident happened while Christine Ford and Kavanaugh were both in high school.

Tabby Barnhart, junior at Hillcrest high, brings up the point, “if he actually did assault someone it should affect his position in the supreme court however the timing seems off because these are just barely coming up when he’s trying to become supreme court justice”.

While these might be valid points, Jordan Huffman, senior at Hillcrest, disagrees.

“It still matters if someone was sexually assaulted 35 years ago… I don’t want someone that has sexually assaulted someone in the supreme court, it doesn’t matter if he was drunk or a 17 year old guy, you can still control your actions”.

These many opinions show the country is divided on whether or not Kavanaugh is fit to be the next supreme court justice. After a heated debate that was worldwide the final verdict was given. On October 7 Kavanaugh was sworn in as the Supreme Court Justice of the United States of America.