The blackout game

The blackout game

Hillcrests football team is a hardworking and as Cutler Smith would describe “Were Fairly new to the ball game”. Their record hasn’t been the best, winning a total of zero games. However the love and determination this team has is irrefutable.

On Friday September 28th the Hillcrest Huskies faced Cyprus high. The game theme was a blackout. Students at Hillcrest found themselves excited to finally have a home game and to show off some spirit. As Hillcrest has only had 2 home games so far, “Having a home game is the perfect way to bring some hope and spirit to the team” Said Varsity kicker Ashton Smart.

The Cyprus High pirates can be compared to the Hillcrest team as they have the same streak of winning zero games. They last played Kearns and the score was 27- 39 at home (Cyprus with the loss). Cyprus shows determination as well. In that game the team started with zero points in the first then jumped to twelve points in the second.

Both teams can be seen as underdogs so the game on Friday couldn’t be predicted. The Hillcrest Huskies showed much determination but Cyprus took their first win of the season winning 44-0.

By the first quarter, the score was 17-0. During the second quarter Cyprus jumped from 17 to 31 with a 36-yard touchdown pass.  Then gaining 11 yards and getting yet another touchdown pass of 33-yards. By the end of the game the plays were filled with many fumbles, interceptions and touchdowns resulting in 44-0.

Despite the tough loss, the student section continued to cheer on the team seeming to give up hope. Throughout the night, the most popular chant in the student section was “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” where students played cupid as there football team hustled on the field.

Although the Hillcrest huskies took a loss the student section stayed “hyped” says Junior Matt Miller.

“The energy at these games are amazing, It really shows what high school is all about” Said Junior Austin Berk.

As Junior class secretary Nik Waddops said the one word to describe Hillcrest games is “exuberant.” Whether the Huskies are winning or losing you would be able to see the passion of not only the student section but the football teams amazing efforts as well.  

As the student section cheer states, “We are the Huskies couldn’t be prouder, If you cant hear us yell a little louder.”