Hurricane Michael Vs Hurricane Florence: Which is worse?

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On Monday morning, October 8th, a strong tropical storm, headed towards Florida, could possibly become a hurricane by Tuesday night, October 9th, into Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday afternoon, Hurricane Michael made its landfall. It was categorized as a category four hurricane with winds up to 155 MPH. This hurricane is 2 MPH away from the storm to be considered a category five.

According to, “ Among the concerns: Flash-flooding with heavy rain; life-threatening storm surges up to 14 feet high; and devastating winds, not just in the Panhandle, but southern Alabama and Georgia.” The storm is so strong that is has knocked down a newly constructed building to nothing. As of Wednesday morning it has entered the Carolinas.

In the month of September, Hurricane Florence hit the Carolinas, which they are still recovering from. With Hurricane Michael hitting the Carolinas, this will cause more damage and more homes lost.

With this hurricane hitting Florida, southeastern Alabama, and southern Georgia, leaving about 21 million people to evacuate and 103,000 people without power. It has been reported in Florida that there is 13 people who have died.  

Hurricane Michael is the strongest storm to strike Florida  since the last major hurricane, Hurricane Dennis in 2005.

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