Learning about the legendary Lizzie Kofoed

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Have you ever met Lizzie Kofoed? Elizabeth (Lizzie) Kofoed is a member of the Hillcrest Cross Country team. This is her first season running here, but she’s been running for much longer.

¨I started in middle school in sixth grade and went all the way through 8th¨. Said Kofoed

Kofoed joined the team because her sister was on the team, and suggested she join. Her favorite part of being on Cross Country in meeting new people and making friends. She loves training with the team members and getting to know them. Her goals for the team are to increase her speed, as well as make it on to varsity.

She also mentioned going to region.

¨Hillcrest did awesome. I only run JV but we won our race and ¾ races over all.”

She’s unclear of her exact PR, but knows it’s somewhere in the 24 minute range.

Although Kofoed loves running and being part of the team, she does have other hobbies and interests. Some of them include, art, painting, hanging out with friends, and organizing things. Her friends and family would describe her as ¨Kind, thoughtful, and accepting. She’s funny and creative.¨ said her mom, Toni Kofoed

Kofoed plans to continue with the team next year, and maybe even continue running throughout all four years of high school.

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