Sierra did not deserve happily ever after


Netflix has been throwing out the chick flicks left and right from “The Kissing Booth” to “All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” so it seems fitting to release another.

“Sierra Burgess Is A Loser” is a movie explores the struggle of self identity and self confidence. Sierra is not the ideal high school girl as she explains it “Do you know how hard it is to look like this in highschool?”

By chance or luck Sierra lands in football quarterbacks message box, as he has no idea who he really is texting and connecting to Sierra unintentionally catfishes Jamey. She gains his trust and feelings.

Catfishing is the act of acting like you are someone you are not online in order to create a relationship. Sierra did that. And she got away with it.

Eventually Jamey finds out the truth, but instead of dumping her he only disregards it and falls in love with the real her, cute right? NO. Sierra lied to him. They gained false feelings so therefore she does not deserve a real sweetie like Jamey.

Hear me out, this is an opinion coming from someone like me who thinks Sharpay in “High School Musical” was the real victim, but we will save that for another time. I understand that Sierra’s self confidence got in the way and she for once got what she wanted. But my opinion remains the same because what she did was wrong.

Although I enjoyed this movie, it had an amazing cast and wonderful screenplay. Noah Centineo was the star with his dreamy eyes. The soundtrack has great music choices and overall it was a good movie.  But many people can help to think it glamorizes catfishing.

Basically all i’m saying is Sierra didn’t deserve him, She had so many chances to tell him the truth, but what did she do? NOT THAT.  From the time Sierra kissed him while Veronica acted like it was her, to the time she pretended she was deaf so she wouldn’t have to reveal her voice. Yeah,  I know she really did that.

Sierra Burgess is a BIG loser for what she did to Jamey. But she is a winner for getting the boy. Guess you can’t have it all. In the end i would give this a 10/10 paws rating.