All the fall favs


Since October is officially in full swing that means that all of our favorite fall things are back. Many businesses release limited edition fall items and there are definitely some things that you want to look out for.

First, bath and body works releases some amazing new products during fall. Some of their new scents are pumpkin apple, sweater weather, champagne apple and honey, leaves, and sweet cinnamon pumpkin are just a few. All of these are some of their scents, but they come in multiple products such as candles, body lotion, body spray, and car scents.

Starbucks also releases their popular fall drinks around this time of year. They have their classic pumpkin spice latte but they also have new drinks as-well. They have their salted caramel mocha and maple pecan latte which are two new fall drinks they have released.

These awesome new releases are definitely some perks that fall brings, and you will definitely want to check them out.