Slicing up October 31st

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Halloween is a holiday that many are familiar with. Even those that don’t celebrate it for religious reasons have heard of it and know about the relationship between good costumes and candy. Halloween can be much more interesting, though, if one knows how to spice things up.

This season, relive childhood by dressing up and going around the neighborhood in order to score some candy. Not all Halloween outfits are ladybugs and princes. Costumes can run on the more mature (but still school- and work-appropriate) side in order to satisfy one’s high school mind.

While haunted houses may sound too stereotypical to be interesting, if one has not had the experience of one before, he/she should try it out. There are free haunted attractions and others that require contracts; first-timers would be best to go to a free one first. Hillcrest is holding its own haunted house the night of October 25 if one wishes for a local attraction.

If permitted to do so, one could try to decorate their house for the holiday. It doesn’t have to be limited to just simple decorations; one could aim to create Halloween-inspired food or drinks. Inviting friends to the occasion can bring in some extra fun as well.

There are few things scarier than finals and terrible grades, but scary movies might just take the cake. These scary movies can range from Coraline to more spooky movies like Dark Skies. Having friends around for movie night can be a terrifying but wonderful bonding experience.

Within legal boundaries, visiting haunted places during the evening hours can be a memory one won’t forget throughout the years. There are multiple places in Utah to go for a chilling experience, from Brigham Young Farmhouse to Rio Grande Railroad Depot. The stories behind some of them are even darker.

Lastly, one can’t forget about the centuries-old tradition of carving pumpkins. Instead of doing a traditional face, though, one could opt for more bizarre options, like an alien or a cat. The possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination.