Cross country at state: Sugar House Park

One of Hillcrest’s title-holder sports teams competed at Sugar House Park on October 17.

This sports team is none other than cross country. For those that don’t know much about cross country, it is a rather simplistic sport with few rules.

Cross country co-captain, Zachary Hastings, explained, “You have a course to run and whoever gets to the end first wins. In scoring you are going for the lowest score possible, like golf. The top 5 runners ‘score’ for the team.”

Background aside, the cross country team left during lunch on October 17 to go to Sugarhouse Park. Race times at the event were 2:00 p.m. for the girls race and 3:30 p.m. for the boys race.

“There are only two races for 6A State at Sugar House Park: the boys race and the girls race,” Hastings stated.

While the whole team was present, the only ones competing from Hillcrest were those on the varsity team. The expenses were paid for under the team budget.

Concerning the varsity team, Hastings mentioned, “They consist of the seven fastest runners from our boys team and the seven fastest from our girls team. To qualify for this meet [the] team has to be in the top four teams in your region or you have to be in the top three athletes on [the] team.”

Those on the boys varsity team are Zachary Hastings, Zakia Kirby, Dallin Moon, Anthony Davies, Caylor Willis, Nate Diggins, and Jacob Atkinson; girls varsity team has Faith Amos, Angie Jeffery,  Brynn Webster, Teanna Vigil, Sophia Paradis, Emily Liddarad, and Cat Webster.

Hillcrest’s cross country team has had a successful season so far, as the boys team won region on October 5 and the girls team placed second at the same event.

Sugar House Park will be a critical point for the cross country team, as Hastings explained, “If we do well at state we will go to Nike Regionals in Nevada in November. If we don’t, we will go to Footlocker Regionals in California in December.”

No matter what happened at Sugar House Park, the Huskies put forth their best efforts.