This Is Us: The show with all the tears

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“This Is Us” recently started it’s third season of their show on September 25th, and it is just as good as ever. It will twist your emotions in every way.  This show is known for leaving you in tears and always keeping you interested. It has multiple stories that it follows and it is definitely an emotional roller coaster.

The show is set in three different times, and it follows one family. It follows a story in the past and a different story in the present, it also shows a glimpse into the future.

The family that it follows is Rebecca and Jack Pearson. They have three kids who were all born on the same day, but one son, Randall, is adopted. Jack and Rebecca are the couple that makes you fall in love with this show. They both love each other so much and they know each other so well.

Their kids are Kate, Kevin, and Randall Pearson. The story shows glimpses of the past with stories of Jack and Rebecca when they were younger, or them as a family when the kids are young. One thing that has been a reoccurring problem for the family is that we know that Jack passes away, and the kids struggle a lot with this.

Each kid has their own story and their own struggles. As we head into season three, Kate is trying to have a child and this has been a main struggle for her. Her story with this is a constant emotional roller-coaster. Kevin is an actor who recently got his first big break, and Randall is dealing with recently adopting a daughter and handling his family and work life. All three are also having to constantly still deal with the passing of their dad Jack.

This show has many twists and turns that always take you by surprise. With every episode, there is a new drama that comes up. All of the stories with the kids and the parents wrapped together are all so emotional and heartfelt that it always leaves you stunned.

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