The concussed QB

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Ryan Sharp, junior at Hillcrest High school, was the 2018 football seasons starting quarterback on the varsity roster. At least he was, before his injury.

“I was running it to the left, and then I turned up field and I was going out of bounds, and this big linebacker came and hit me in the head,” says Sharp, speaking on his injury. “It knocked me back a few yards. I got up thinking I was fine, and when I was running off the field I got dizzy… when I got to our sideline I fell down.”

Sharp has been playing on the football team at Hillcrest for three years now. This is his second year on the varsity roster where he has seen minutes.

“I’ve been playing football for 8 years,” says Sharp. “My dad has always been a coach and helped me grow as a quarterback.”

Sharp is also an accomplished student athlete, and has been on the honor roll all of his high school career while simultaneously performing well on the football team.

“I’m very busy especially during the season,” he says. “You have to work homework into your schedule after practice, and you have to make time for family. I have a lot going through my head all the time.”

This 2018 season is also the second season Sharp has been injured and unable to play. This year it was five games he wasn’t cleared to play and last year it was three games, due to a cyst in his knee.

“I didn’t think I would get hurt,” Sharp continued. “I was kind of scared because it’s a big step up from JV or sophomore. I played a little bit of safety and punter last year.”

Although he could no longer help on the field, Sharp still stood on the sidelines to get teammates in the zone to keep pushing and go 100%. He could also be seen talking to the backup quarterback and helping him grow and find the right move to make on the offense.

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