Emma Greenwood: Tennis star since 12

Emma Greenwood developed a passion for tennis at the age of only 12.

In her free time, junior Greenwood plays tennis, but when she isn’t, she focuses on her schoolwork, which is very important to her.

“I don’t actually remember why I started playing other than my mom kind of likes it, so she signed me up for some lessons,” she said.

As a freshman, one of only four freshman on the team, Greenwood had the chance build a friendship with her teammates. She felt comfortable around them, and was able to build friendships will them all. Practices began before school started, giving Greenwood the chance to get to know the other girls and learn to work alongside them.

“I loved playing as a freshman because we started practice before school started, so I knew I had some seniors who knew me and were looking out for me when school started.”

Not only does Greenwood feel close to her team, she also plays well and alongside them.

“Last year we won regions, this is our second year winning regions which is pretty cool,” said Sadie Greenhalgh, a senior at Hillcrest who plays tennis with Greenwood.

Greenwood is very talented when it comes to tennis, but tennis is not the only thing she can play. Many people have hidden talents, and this is just one.

According to Greenwood, she can “play jingle bells on the accordion.” What a unique gift.